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Botlek Tunnel

Botlek Tunnel

Croonwolter&dros and ELINEX will provide emergency power installation for the Botlek Tunnel until 2035. On the A15 between Rotterdam and Europoort, 111,000 cars traverse the Botlek Tunnel daily. The A15 serves as a crucial link between the expanding port and industrial area of Rotterdam and the European hinterland.

Unique functionality contract for emergency power installation for the tunnel between Rotterdam and Europoort

Croonwolter&dros on Elinex

The UPSs had to be installed within two days – while the tunnel was operational. Bringing this to reality was a challenge, says Niid Brouwers, project manager at Elinex. “Within the relatively short span of two days, the UPSs were placed and installed. There was no downtime ensuring the client was protected at all times. The switch to the new system went completely smoothly.

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The move-in was also distinct and unique. Looking at the specific demands of the client and the unusual location with its complex logistical challenges, this is a special custom project.” Eric Schuurman concludes: “It's been a great journey and I'm convinced it will benefit us up to and including 2035. It's awesome to achieve this on this scale together. As far as I'm concerned, this whets the appetite for more!”

About the Botlektunnel

On the A15 between Rotterdam and Europoort, 111,000 cars pass through the Botlektunnel daily. The A15 is a vital link between the expanding Rotterdam port and industrial area and the European hinterland. The A15 between Maasvlakte and Vaanplein underwent major reconstructions with the goal of reducing traffic jams and improving traffic flow, also known as the MaVa project.

Various bridges and tunnels are being renovated, including the emergency power installation of the Botlektunnel. With a duration of 25 years and a project value of about €1.5 billion, the MaVa project was the largest order ever granted by Rijkswaterstaat after a tender at the time of commissioning.


Croonwolter&dros, contract partner of the A-Lanes A15 consortium, commissioned Elinex to replace the UPSs and also maintain the UPSs until June 2035. Elinex has the complete system responsibility and is thus liable for the total UPS functionality. Eric Schuurman, project manager at Croonwolter&dros says, “Many suppliers want to deliver goods, but we were looking for a party that provides functionality for 17 years and takes responsibility for the entire duration.

We found in Elinex a partner that dares to do that. We have entered into a long-term relationship with Elinex. It's an audacious project where we experiment. There are risks involved, but together we dare to face them.” His colleague, Richard de Roon, an Infra consultant responsible for the software interface, continues: “It's a collaboration where we haven't specified what we want to see delivered, but where we've asked for a functional composition.”

The solution

Throughout the entire duration of this agreement, Elinex takes care of maintaining the UPS system of the Botlektunnel. Mark Thies, account manager at Elinex says, “Croonwolter&dros wants to be completely relieved of the emergency power solution for the entire period. We installed two Huawei 5000E UPSs of 300 kW each. To continuously monitor the batteries and extend their lifespan, we integrated our Battery Analyze & Care System (BACS) into the installation.

The Botlektunnel is the first tunnel in the Netherlands equipped with BACS. Elinex also implemented the software interface in collaboration with the connectivity specialists at Croonwolter&dros. This was particularly complex since the tunnel's control system is outdated, and the new UPSs communicate differently than the current tunnel management system.

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