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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Elinex, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important point in our entrepreneurship and organization. We believe that as an organization we have to be responsible for the effects on people and planet as a result of our company activities. With people and planet issues we find chances for new products, services and processes, that are serving as well the community as our company.

You can find CSR in the Elinex products and services delivered to her customers. For example we deliver Uninterruptible Power Solutions to hospitals. Operation rooms always have to be up and running and failures for our critical clients are not acceptable. Within Elinex all employees are aware of this and so people are working to deliver a high quality every day.

To organize this within our company structure we connect corporate social responsibility to our internal business process and culture. Our goal is always to improve and to create a lean organization where customers, employees, our company and our environment all benefit from.

Within Elinex we organize the following related to CSR:

  • Elinex has a made her organization 'Lean' and improved her processes (Six Sigma techniques), in order to achieve; efficiency, happy customers, happy employees, less process defects and a reduction of waste.
  • Disposing of waste is done responsibly according to rules and regulations.
  • Elinex is a recognized learning company where students are given the possibility to do (graduate) internships.
  • Elinex is supporting charities like Hulphond Nederland.
  • Elinex invests in a paperless office and fully digital work process.
  • Elinex invests in her productportfolio in order to stay innovative.

For more specific information you can contact our department of General Affairs at

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