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Always online thanks to Facilicom en Elinex

Always online thanks to Facilicom en Elinex

  • July 04, 2022
  • Ridderkerk

Fiber optic internet always available, even in the event of a power outage.

One of the largest service organizations in the Netherlands is Facilicom. As an overarching organization, Facilicom offers services through various subsidiary labels in cleaning, security, catering, construction & installation, and facility management. In 2013, the company expanded its focus nationally to the market of integrated facility management. "Through outsourcing, a portion of the KPN POP locations (Point of Presence, where hardware is located for transmitting and receiving data via fiber optics) came under our responsibility for maintenance and service," says Frank Wijsman, Customer Manager/Contract Coordinator at Facilicom Integrated Services. We are discussing with Wijsman the emergency power provisions provided by Elinex for the POP locations.

Maintaining hardware

Facilicom maintains the installations and hardware at KPN's POP locations, thereby relieving KPN's core business. "The POP locations mainly house DSLAMs. A DSLAM is a chassis with xDSL modems that aggregate all signals from individual customer connections into an uplink to the Core network. To ensure uninterrupted service during power outages, Elinex has installed emergency power provisions at these locations." Mr. Wijsman from Facilicom took over responsibility for the POP locations in 2017 and thus became familiar with Elinex through his work. "Elinex conducts maintenance on the emergency power provisions, including replacement work and performing repairs when necessary. Facilicom has a 4-year framework agreement with Elinex for this purpose. KPN's POPs have been under Facilicom's management since 2017; before that, they were serviced by KPN and Reggefiber themselves. Elinex has been involved from the beginning." "We have been providing and maintaining UPS units since the start of the Reggefiber network. We had an agreement with Reggefiber for this. Since 2017, we have been carrying out these activities in collaboration with Facilicom. In addition to these tasks, we have a framework agreement that allows us to provide other customers with the delivery and maintenance of emergency power solutions," said Xander van Rootselaar, Commercial Manager. "The collaboration is excellent, and together, we serve satisfied customers."

Benefits of the collaboration

When asked about the advantages of the collaboration, Mr. Wijsman highlights: "Both in our operations and communication, we maintain short lines of direct and pleasant communication. This allows us to quickly adapt, partly due to the personal guidance provided by our Elinex account manager, Xander van Rootselaar. Moreover, despite its size, Elinex is far from a cumbersome organization. Elinex has a good knowledge of the field and is always up to date with the latest AC-DC technology. With a proactive response to inquiries and open and transparent communication, we can act swiftly. We speak the same language."

Within the chain, everyone is held accountable for performance because the stakes in data provision are significant. Mr. Wijsman explains, "KPN's customers hold KPN accountable for availability. KPN, in turn, looks at us, and we look at Elinex. Therefore, you can say that Elinex, with its emergency power provisions, directly influences performance. With over 1,800 locations that we service, you can understand that such a thing is only possible when working with reliable partners. Elinex is one such reliable partner that always maintains control over the situation."

If you have any questions about emergency power solutions, feel free to contact us at or call us at +31 180-415711.

Text: Draeckensteijn Media

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