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De Huawei 5000-H S-Eco Mode 99% efficient!

De Huawei 5000-H S-Eco Mode 99% efficient!

  • September 28, 2022
  • Ridderkerk

Data centers are significant energy consumers facing real challenges when it comes to energy efficiency and consumption reduction. The pace of green development also needs to accelerate in data centers. In the total electricity costs of the entire facility, 10% is attributed to the power supply. The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) plays a crucial role in the power supply system and consumes the most power. To reduce this power consumption, the efficiency of the online mode can be improved, or a switch can be made to the ECO mode. The highest industry efficiency in the online mode is around 97%.

Efficiency in the ECO mode can easily be higher than 99% because energy is delivered directly when the UPS is operating in ECO mode. However, if the power supply becomes abnormal, the power supply will be interrupted for a few milliseconds when the UPS switches to battery mode. Since this reduces the reliability of the power supply, the ECO mode is not widely used. Therefore, the UPS industry is seeking a working mode that provides reliable power supply while delivering ultra-high efficiency.

In a recently released white paper, Huawei describes the UPS S-ECO technology and its application in Huawei UPS5000-H products. This document outlines the key benefits, technical principles, application scenarios, and comprehensive verification process. It helps readers understand the S-ECO mode and provides approaches for designing highly reliable and efficient data centers or critical power solutions in various industries.

Click here to download the whitepaper!

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