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Deltares saves a ton with smart UPS deployment

Deltares saves a ton with smart UPS deployment

  • July 14, 2017
  • Ridderkerk

Elinex advises Huawei 5000-E UPS installation. In most data centers, power is supplied from two fields. Usually, they start with 2 paths and 2 UPS units. Elinex advised Deltares in Delft to use a Huawei modular UPS system with power supplied from 4 separate UPS units for their new data center. The result is considered a significant success for the customer: the globally renowned research institute saves a total of €100,000 on UPS modules that are not needed for backup capacity at the moment.

Deltares in Delft is an independent institute for applied research in the fields of water and subsurface. The organization combines the unique theoretical and practical knowledge that has placed the Netherlands on the international map in the field of civil engineering and geophysics. The growth in activities requires the organization to continuously adapt its research facilities. A new data center provides the hundreds of engineers involved in civil engineering and geophysics with sufficient computing power and data storage capacity.

In its current form, the organization in Delft has only existed for 9 years. Due to subsidence in urban areas worldwide and rising sea levels resulting from changing climatic conditions, there is a high demand for Deltares' expertise. The increase in activities necessitates a transformation of the buildings and the surrounding campus, says Cees van Leeuwen, Deltares' Director of Real Estate. He expects that all construction activities will be completed within a year, while a large parking area has made the extensive campus site car-free. Although experienced in real estate development, this is the first time he has been involved in setting up a new data center. In principle, he says it is no different from other construction projects, but there are some differences due to the critical power supply and cooling. For the first time, Deltares ended up with UPS supplier Elinex in Ridderkerk through the procurement process, which partnered with Indusa.

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