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Elinex Power Solutions at 2BA

Elinex Power Solutions at 2BA

  • December 03, 2015
  • Ridderkerk

Elinex has its article and product data available online through 2BA.

2BA is a data pool where manufacturers and wholesalers provide their data. Installers use this data to calculate within their quotations. This data pool is mainly used in the Construction & Infrastructure sector.

Elinex provides its data up to and including step 5. The GLN of Elinex Power Solutions is 8714231770367.

Within 2BA, we offer 1-phase UPS systems and Solar Inverters with various products from the following brands:

EATON (1-phase UPS systems up to 6kVA) HUAWEI (1-phase UPS systems up to 10kVA) KSTAR (1-phase UPS systems up to 10kVA and Solar Inverters) All these products are in stock at ELINEX and can be delivered to you the next day!

We look forward to working with your company through 2BA and hope to hear from you soon. We are here to assist you with selecting the right UPS system. Check out our products on 2BA and request your "discount file" at 0180 - 721 359 or!

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