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Elinex receives Welec Electro Techniek and Maas and Kempen Hospital

Elinex receives Welec Electro Techniek and Maas and Kempen Hospital

  • July 17, 2017
  • Ridderkerk

On June 9th, Elinex opened the doors of its Huawei Demo & Experience Center to Welec Electro Techniek NV and Maas and Kempen Hospital. The day's program included a first-line training for Welec and Maas and Kempen Hospital technicians. Key elements of the training included basic UPS techniques, Huawei UPS 5000-A & 2000-G series, and UPS connectivity. The focus was on fully operational integrated projects for various sectors, with an emphasis on general UPS knowledge and acquiring the skills to handle first-line troubleshooting independently.

Welec Electro Techniek NV, based in Belgium, is a versatile player in the field of installation technology. They are active in high voltage, low voltage, automation, panel building, data technology, and security, with a team of 150 professionals. Elinex provided all the UPS systems for Welec in the new hospital in Maaseik, Belgium, along with a ten-year maintenance plan. As part of this collaboration, the technical staff from both companies received training on the relevant Huawei UPS models to enhance their first-line service capabilities.

Bart van Raamsdonk, Sales Manager, said, "During this wonderful day, we showcased Elinex as a company to our clients, provided them with technical knowledge, and allowed them to experience the beauty of Rotterdam. We take pride in serving clients like Welec Electro Techniek and Maas and Kempen Hospital."

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