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Elinex ensures server continuity at

Elinex ensures server continuity at

  • October 27, 2021
  • Ridderkerk

Once it started with a single text message in 1999. The founders of the current made an appointment with each other via text message to brainstorm. This led to the first SMS service, enabling the sending of group messages. At the core of this was clever technology that facilitated communication from computers to mobile phones. Subsequently, developments occurred rapidly.

Today, is still a company with the same DNA:, with its cloud software, facilitates interaction between businesses and their customers on mobile devices, from the first contact to the completion of a payment. This interaction takes place not only from business to customer but also from government to citizen. The company has developed online communication, sales, and payment systems that have become indispensable. With a global presence and millions of users, system downtime is not an option. The backbone of the system is located in Breda, where Elinex provided the new emergency power supply. We'll discuss this with Anil Bhaggan, project leader at, Xander van Rootselaar, commercial manager at Elinex, and Niid Brouwers, project leader at Elinex.

A National 'Job' with an International Impact 

Anil is pleased with Elinex's work and doesn't hesitate to acknowledge their professionalism. He says, "Every time Elinex is involved, we witness their professionalism. Our services need to be online continuously, not only because our commercial customers rely on us, but also because various SMS, voice, ticketing, and payment services run through our servers. Elinex collaborates closely with us, and I have full confidence in their project manager Niid Brouwers and design engineer Willard Mulder."

The headquarters are located in Breda, and that's where Elinex carried out the work. Xander explains, "Everything is centrally controlled from Breda, worldwide. We have two mirrors in the Netherlands. So, you could say that Elinex's work is a national 'job' with an international impact. We serve approximately 15,000 unique customers and millions of end-users. serves as the 'backbone' for many companies' online operations. Our remote services must be available at all times."

Scope of the Project Before Elinex's intervention's data center had only an emergency power supply for the A-feed, consisting of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and an NSA (Emergency Power Aggregator). Xander says, "The UPS units were located in the data room. The NSA was getting old. We created a new technical room, and we supplied a new modular Centiel UPS - a Cumuluspower 100kW unit divided into four 25kW modules. The batteries are equipped with BACS, which stands for Battery Analysis & Care System. This system prevents overcharging and undercharging of the batteries by regulating and distributing the voltage continuously over the chain. It continuously monitors individual voltage, impedance, and temperature. Of course, all of this is done through SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol. We also provided a new NSA, which we placed in a new location. The start batteries of this NSA are also equipped with BACS, and the NSA offers remote reading. Additionally, this system features a large fuel day tank. What's new is that we've also ensured the cooling of the server room. We can achieve the optimal temperature there within one minute."

Elinex installed a completely new emergency power system for the B-feed. Niid explains, "We addressed the B-feed before making changes to the A-feed, purely to ensure power supply. The B-feed was not yet protected. We supplied a new Cumuluspower 100kW Centiel UPS for the B-feed, which was installed in the technical room. This unit comes with batteries equipped with BACS. We also provided a new NSA for the B-feed, and its start batteries are equipped with BACS and remote reading. The large fuel day tank is also present here." Anil adds, "This is exactly what we wanted to see: the emergency power system technology is now separated from the server room, in a controlled environment. By moving everything outside the server room, we have gained more space for four additional server racks."

Fully Automated Operation Elinex also handled the installation and modification of AC and DC cabling and the adjustment of distribution panels. Xander says, "Finally, we provided Schleifenbauer PDUs (protocol data units) for rack-level power distribution for both the A-feed and B-feed. The entire installation can be fully monitored remotely." The entire project was managed by Niid. "Executing the project without causing any downtime at was crucial. This required meticulous planning, excellent coordination, and extremely precise execution. Thanks to the professional collaboration with Anil and his team, we succeeded."

In conclusion, Anil says, "We perform an automated emergency power test every first Monday of the month, including automated reporting. fully complies with its compliance requirements. Do you want to know how much peace of mind I've gained from this system? A few weeks after everything was put into operation, work was being done in the street. Due to mistakes, the switchboard that should supply power to the street failed. There was panic everywhere in the street, except here. We continued to operate without any problems, completely unfazed."


If you have questions about an emergency power solution, we're here to assist you. Contact us via or by phone at +31 180-415711.

Text: Draeckensteijn Media

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