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Eliovp helps data centers achieve more performance, lower energy costs, and a smaller carbon footprint

Eliovp helps data centers achieve more performance, lower energy costs, and a smaller carbon footprint

  • April 03, 2023
  • Ridderkerk

Elinex supplied Eliovp with the Huawei FM2000 data center for their Experience Center.

Data centers are known for their significant power consumption. With the ever-increasing volume of data traffic, the number and size of data centers are also on the rise. Data center owners face a major challenge in keeping up with current energy prices while addressing the growing carbon footprint. Eliovp has the perfect solution for this. Their innovative hardware and software provide more performance, lower energy costs, and a smaller carbon footprint. As the English saying goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." In their Experience Center, Eliovp wanted to demonstrate how everything works perfectly. This required a standalone data center. Based on positive references, Eliovp turned to Elinex for this purpose. The festive handover of the Huawei FM2000 data center took place on Thursday, March 23rd.

We would like to introduce Eliovp to you

Today, Eliovp is an integral part of the data center world with their unique and innovative solutions. However, it all started 10 years ago (as the romantic rule of successful ICT entrepreneurs often dictates) as a one-person business in the basement of the family home. Founder and owner Elio van Puyvelde explains, "I became acquainted with hardware optimization, specifically GPU (graphical processing unit) optimization. These processors are well-known in the gaming industry, but their high computing power is used in the business world for calculations. It's a known fact that high-performance computing consumes a lot of power and generates a lot of heat. Heat that needs to be tempered with additional cooling. My goal was and still is to make these accelerators more efficient. That way, you improve performance while reducing energy consumption at the same time."

More reliable, sustainable, and fewer failure costs.

Compare Eliovp's work to chip tuning in a car. Performance improves, consumption decreases, everything is better tuned and coordinated. Elio continues, "Every GPU comes with default settings. Our automation now goes down to the component level in tuning. Even the components on the components are taken into account. It's a smart collaboration between hardware and software. Initially, I am the architect of the system myself. Our electricity costs were also high, which was an additional drive to improve. We want everything to run more efficiently, not just the GPU. At peak performance, heat is always generated, but through optimization, we can reduce that heat generation. This means less cooling is required, which also greatly reduces power consumption."

Hardware components have an ideal temperature. Elio explains that when the temperature rises, the hardware consumes more energy to try to maintain efficiency. "Thanks to our optimizations, the GPU and other hardware components work much more efficiently, resulting in a decrease in heat generation, lower consumption, improved performance, and a longer lifespan for all components," says Elio. "The entire system becomes more reliable, faster, and more sustainable, resulting in fewer failure costs. In that sense, we can talk about an economic and ecological solution. Our company has since expanded to solutions for distributed storage and decentralization of data centers." As an example, Elio mentions the results achieved with one of their clients. The total available power of the on-site setup is 150 mW. Active consumption was around 20 mW. Thanks to Eliovp's optimizations, active consumption is now at 17 mW without any loss of performance. "Our solution absolutely pays for itself. It's always an incentive for us to get as much out of it as possible."

The way to Elinex

Eliovp recently invested in a new building that includes a planned Experience Center. To demonstrate the power of Eliovp's innovative solution, they needed a standalone data center. Elio explains, "We saw Elinex's work at Datacenter United. They recommended that I talk to Elinex." Tom Faber, account manager at Elinex, adds, "The Huawei FM2000 data center turned out to be ideal for this situation. As a standalone system, it is very suitable, and there are numerous possibilities for connecting measurement systems. We installed 10 racks at Eliovp, including cooling. Eliovp opted for a fully customized configuration with a 43-inch touchscreen as the GUI (graphical user interface). The entire data center is displayed on it. Everything is measured, including temperature, power consumption, and performance. Elinex designed the distribution panel with monitoring capabilities themselves."

The Huawei FM2000 offers a lot of connectivity with sensors. Elinex project manager Niid Brouwers explains, "There is a PDU (power distribution unit) with outlets for connecting the server per rack. We measure everything that happens within the electrical installation per PDU. The FM2000 is a truly smart data center with integral smart management. On the touchscreen, you can see the entire data center displayed clearly, with additional data on temperature, cooling, fire alarms, smoke detection, water detection, and for access control, there is a card reader, facial recognition, and a fingerprint scanner. Extremely secure, you can set access privileges and always know who opened a cabinet door. Remote monitoring and control can be done via a web interface."

Eliovp and Elinex look back on a successful project, which deservedly ended with popping champagne corks.

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