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Emergency power in the eastern part of the country

Emergency power in the eastern part of the country

  • October 03, 2022
  • Ridderkerk

Elinex ensures continuity at InterDC

Emergency power in the eastern part of the country

InterDC, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, is a provider of stable data connections and continuous internet access. With four data centers, all of which are TIER3 redundant, InterDC serves its clients from two locations in Enschede, one in Hengelo, and a data center in Doetinchem. While the company primarily focuses on regional businesses, it also serves as a disaster recovery data center or a twin data center. InterDC holds an ISO 27001 certificate and a NEN7510 certification, ensuring the security and reliability of its services. Another key reason to choose InterDC as a customer is its excellent backup power supply for the data centers, which is provided by Elinex Power Solutions. We had the opportunity to speak with Roland Kamphuis from InterDC about their decision to work with Elinex.

Flexibiliteit en meedenken

"The backup power supply for our first location in Enschede was arranged by us in 2015," Kamphuis begins. "Elinex came into the picture when we opened our second location in Hengelo. We had already been in contact with Elinex during the installation of the backup power supply at the first location through an event organized by Elinex. The discussions we had with them during that event gave us a good feeling and a lot of confidence. We inherited the installation at our second location in Hengelo when we took it over, and it turned out to be very outdated and poorly maintained. In 2019, Elinex supplied all the UPS units in Hengelo after extensive discussions about finding the best solution. Initially, we were concerned that we might face delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, which might push back the project. The streets were deserted, the offices were empty. However, Elinex insisted on being there on time and got everything in order right there in the city center of Hengelo."

In Hengelo, Elinex supplied UPS units with integrated batteries, all within the UPS cabinet. It was a compact solution, and Kamphuis explains why: "The data center in Hengelo is located right in the city center. You have to work with the space you have because expansion isn't an option. You need to be as compact as possible to save space. Elinex proved to be masters of the square meter. We got what we asked for: a central UPS system without the need for building expansions. The UPS system is 19 inches mountable and suitable for a TIER3 setup. The installation has a capacity of 25 kW, with the ability to upgrade to 75 kW.

The second location in Enschede, followed by Doetinchem

After Hengelo, the second location in Enschede, Marssteden, followed, and in 2021, Doetinchem came into the picture. "Elinex also did an excellent job here. Initially, we were considering whether to upgrade or replace the existing backup power system in Doetinchem. Elinex provided us with detailed calculations of the advantages, disadvantages, and costs in both cases. As a result, we decided to replace it. The new 320 kVA installation is much more efficient than the old one and takes up less space. This is also a TIER3 solution, but in terms of redundancy, we could actually call it TIER3+." 

A great partnership

Looking back on the collaboration, Kamphuis concludes that it has gone very smoothly. "Elinex listens well, thinks practically and innovatively, and provides energy-efficient, stable emergency solutions. We also appreciate their systematic approach. This allowed us to make well-informed decisions in advance. And despite the current chip shortages, Elinex was able to deliver the requested materials within normal timeframes."

During a power outage, businesses in Eastern Netherlands connected to InterDC can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to data availability. InterDC serves, among others, IT companies, service providers, healthcare institutions, hospitals, and cloud-dependent businesses in the region. In conclusion, Kamphuis says, "We are tech-savvy ourselves, and we automate our processes. The great thing is that we could seamlessly integrate Elinex's systems into our DCIM (data center information management). So, we monitor our emergency power supply in-house."


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