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Goed onderhoud aan noodstroomvoorziening waarborgt continuïteit in containeroverslag

Goed onderhoud aan noodstroomvoorziening waarborgt continuïteit in containeroverslag

  • October 02, 2023
  • Ridderkerk

"Proper maintenance of emergency power supply ensures continuity in container handling."

Good maintenance of emergency power supply ensures continuity in container handling
Every year, more than 8 million containers pass through the Port of Antwerp. It requires no further explanation that Antwerp, as a seaport, is enormously important for the transit of goods to the hinterland, Europe in particular. A whopping 80% of this container handling is done by PSA Antwerp and MPET (a joint venture between PSA and TIL, and the largest container terminal in Europe). It's a logistical operation that operates 24/7, and work must never come to a standstill, as it would have significant social and economic consequences. 'The show must go on in Antwerp,' and to ensure that, the group has emergency generators and backup power supplies in place. ELINEX Power Solutions was recently appointed to take care of the maintenance of the No-Break emergency power systems. We spoke with Tom Middelkamp, Maintenance Manager Civil Infra at ATS

'At your service'

Middelkamp describes ATS as the service company serving PSA and MPET. "ATS is 50% owned by PSA and 50% by MPET. We provide all the peripheral services for these two enormous companies. This includes technical services, security services, and safety services. I myself am part of the 'technical services' division. We keep PSA and MPET operational," he explains. "From cranes to carriers and all fixed infrastructure, such as the power network. When it comes to ensuring power supply, we distinguish two tracks: on one hand, power supply to all the mechanical technology required to carry out work in the port, and on the other hand, power supply to keep all the necessary IT technology running."


No-break installations for four container terminals

Emergency power supplies are in place for all four container terminals, including the headquarters and all IT-related matters. Middelkamp explains, "We have a contract with Elinex for the maintenance and repair of all no-break UPS installations, including a troubleshooting service. The importance of having no-break emergency power for our IT installations is enormous. We keep the systems up and running according to our very strict IT standards. IT equipment is inherently prone to failures, and system downtime can lead to a chain reaction of calamities."

With the choice of ELINEX, Middelkamp is assured of a partner who can actually maintain and repair all systems. "I came to ELINEX through my own market research. Since our UPS systems come from different brands and suppliers, we wanted to work with a maintenance partner that offers brand-independent service. The great thing is that all the services at ELINEX come from a single source, and their expertise is so broad that they will never be surprised. ELINEX has a sharp, overarching view and takes away our concerns."

Working in good partnership

Tom Middelkamp himself helped shape the contract. Together with his namesake Tom Faber, account manager at ELINEX, they carried out this project. It was a pleasant collaboration in a good partnership, he concludes. "Right from the start, we noticed how much experience and knowledge ELINEX has in this field. The communication was smooth, and it ensured that the right decisions could be made. I can conclude that everything has gone above and beyond expectations."

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