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ifting, swivelling and transferring requires a stable power supply.

ifting, swivelling and transferring requires a stable power supply.

  • September 28, 2022
  • Ridderkerk

Elinex replaced the UPS system on E.P. Stevedoring's crane vessel.

Elinex replaced the UPS system on E.P. Stevedoring's crane vessel.

Since 1994, E.P. Stevedoring BV has been involved in loading, unloading, transshipment, and storage of dry bulk goods. Loading, unloading, and transshipment are carried out from one of their three fully self-propelled crane pontoons, with capacities ranging from 10 to 80 tons. The crane vessels have been equipped with Elinex UPS systems since 1998. These backup power solutions were initially installed to support the onboard generator during peak power consumption periods. Jerry van de Wijngaart from E.P. Stevedoring explains the importance of these UPS installations.

Additional power for stable functionality

"The Elinex backup power system is an indispensable part of the power supply for the cranes," Van de Wijngaart begins. "The cranes require a lot of power and are sensitive to voltage fluctuations and dips. Thanks to the UPS, these fluctuations and dips are preemptively addressed even before the generator's entire power supply switches to a fault condition. A malfunction means coming to a halt. That must not happen, of course." The UPS also ensures that the alternating current always has the correct voltage and frequency. Thus, the UPS prevents other issues besides power outages, such as brief voltage drops, peaks, and grid pollution.

Malfunction neatly resolved.

Recently, a UPS on one of the ships indicated a malfunction. After an inspection by one of Elinex's service engineers, it was determined that the UPS was defective and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. This posed no problem for Elinex because of their large inventory and their brand-independent approach, enabling them to act promptly. The defective UPS was replaced within a few days, with Elinex providing a Centiel Premium Tower with a capacity of 20 kVA. Van de Wijngaart explained, "The UPS is located in a lower compartment of the ship, accessible through a trap door. The old UPS was lifted out of the ship by one of our cranes onshore. Elinex's service engineer successfully commissioned the new UPS, after which the crane could be restarted. This is now the third UPS installed on this particular ship since 1998. For us, the onboard emergency power supply is a true lifeline."

Elinex provides UPS systems with capacities ranging from 1 to 1,000 kW. For more information, you can contact Elinex at

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Photo's: Lysmedia

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