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New Church in Delft Relies on Elinex's Emergency Power

New Church in Delft Relies on Elinex's Emergency Power

  • July 04, 2022
  • Ridderkerk

Emergency Power Solution for a Building Dating Back to 1381

Job Roeleveld, an account manager at Elinex, refers to the emergency power provision in the New Church in Delft as a special project. The building has a history of construction dating from 1381 to 1572. The church is nationally renowned because it is the final resting place of William of Orange, and members of the royal family are interred there after their passing. Additionally, the church serves as a popular venue for events, including those involving the Royal Family, such as the wedding of Friso and Mabel in 2004, concerts, trade shows, and conferences. The Old and New Church Delft has requested an emergency power provision from Elinex.

From Candlelight to Electric Light with Emergency Power Provision

"It's fascinating to think that before the advent of electricity, the church was solely illuminated by candlelight. The introduction of electricity allowed the church to make use of artificial lighting. Given the New Church's significant public role today and the large crowds of people who visit the church for various reasons, having an emergency power installation has become necessary. Without light in the evenings, the church can be exceptionally dark, and in the event of emergencies, this could pose dangerous situations in a full church," says Roeleveld. "So, the church has undergone an evolution that began with candlelight, transitioned to artificial light, and now has artificial light with an emergency power provision. The most cutting-edge solution in a building that traces its origins back to 1381. I find that to be a beautiful concept."

"With this solution, we have been fully taken care of by Elinex. Thanks to their thorough assessment of our needs, we received a suitable solution that we are very happy with. This ensures that we always have a well-functioning installation," says the Old and New Church Delft.

Huawei UPS at a Unique Location

The installation of the UPS in the New Church was no small feat: "The location where the UPS had to be installed was in the tower, and it was a very limited space. Elinex provided custom solutions for this. The Huawei UPS is mounted in a rack-mount configuration on a self-developed trolley. By placing the UPS on wheels, we can roll the entire installation out of the small space, making it easy for Elinex to perform maintenance and repairs. For us as users, this is an ideal solution. We are delighted with this innovative approach."

The emergency power provision primarily serves the numerous lighting points in the church, but it also ensures that audio-visual equipment remains operational during significant events. "Especially when there's a national event being broadcast on television, it's desirable that 'the lights stay on,' and elements like sound and visuals continue to run smoothly," says Roeleveld. Finally, we ask him if this is the most unique location where Elinex has provided an emergency power solution. He answers with a smile, "The location is indeed very unique, but there are undoubtedly many more exceptionally unique locations, if we had permission to disclose them."


Do you have any questions about an emergency power solution? We are here to assist you. You can reach us via email at or by phone at +31 180-415711.

Text: Draeckensteijn Media
Photo's: Lysmedia

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