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Power supply for Flemish data centres guaranteed for years to come

Power supply for Flemish data centres guaranteed for years to come

  • April 08, 2024
  • Ridderkerk

Datacenter United and ELINEX shake hands on multi-year maintenance contract

"Working with ELINEX makes my work even more enjoyable." Says Jo Van Den Langenbergh, Facility Lead at Datacenter United. 

Around this time in 2022, the collaboration between ELINEX Power Solutions and Belgian Datacenter United made headlines with a report on the TIER IV certification of Antwerp DC. Both companies have been doing business with each other since 2012 and this good collaboration has brought a next step: ELINEX will be providing maintenance and service to all Datacenter United sites for the next three years. This ensures continuity of operations for Datacenter United customers. We speak to Jo Van Den Langenbergh, Facility Lead at Datacenter United.

No fewer than seven data centres

Datacenter United is doing well in Belgium. More and more companies know how to find their way to one of its sites and benefit from the stability it offers. Good emergency power supply is therefore crucial, says Jo. "We currently have two data centres in Antwerp, the rest are in Hasselt, Brussels, Burcht, Ghent and Bruges. All data centres are or will be equipped to TIER III specifications, with the exception of Antwerp DC, which is a TIER IV data centre." The data centres have been established over the years and all have different hardware configurations when it comes to emergency power. An important reason for Jo to put maintenance and service in the trusted hands of ELINEX: "ELINEX works brand-independently and has experience and expertise beyond the brands they themselves carry as standard."

The maintenance and service contract signed with ELINEX for the three-year period includes maximum response time. "The first time we chose ELINEX for both new delivery and maintenance was at Antwerp DC 2, where the TIER IV setup is running. We liked that cooperation so much that we are happy to hand over the maintenance and service to the other data centres to them. Of course, we have been working with ELINEX for some time now and each time we are impressed by the high level of thoughtfulness, versatility, flexibility and response time," says Jo. "For example, ELINEX is currently helping us move UPSs from one location to another. The project is up and running they are helping us with the commissioning and doing the start-up control. With these kinds of projects, we bring ELINEX to the table as early as possible precisely because of their thinking along."

'At least here the lights don't go out'

Datacenter United has a good reputation and a name to uphold in Belgium. Jo says: "We have to offer continuous quality and security to our clients, they rely on us 100%. By giving all our attention to maintenance and service via ELINEX, not only we, but especially our customers, have one less worry. At least here the lights don't go out!"

 With now eight years of service at Datacenter United, Jo looks back and forward with satisfaction. "I have seen this company grow from two data centres with four staff to now seven data centres with a total of twenty-five employees. No day is the same and I enjoy practising my profession."

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