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Project 'University of Anwerp'

Project 'University of Anwerp'

  • December 12, 2016
  • Ridderkerk

In November 2016 Elinex was given a new project by the University of Antwerp (UA) to deliver a new emergency power solutions for among others the most powerful atom microscope of Europe at the campus Groeneborgerlaan.

In 2017 Elinex will deliver a new emergency power solution on this location, this will be a 80KW N+1 Huawei 5000-E UPS system with a battery solution with the Elinex BACS – Battery Analysis & Care System.  The UPS provides a monitoring option and, because of the BACS solution, every battery block will be monitored and regulated separately to achieve the battery live of 10-12 years. Within this project Elinex will do all the activities, from design to install and delivering.

University of Antwerp has 20.000 students. Since October 2013 UA provides 33 academic bachelor educations, 69 master educations, 18 master-after-master educations and 23 postgraduate educations, spread over 9 faculties. The university also provides 31 fully English educations (13 masters, 14 master-after-masters and 4 postgraduate). 

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