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When the grid fails, 'Patrick Power' comes to the rescue

When the grid fails, 'Patrick Power' comes to the rescue

  • December 20, 2023
  • Ridderkerk

The Netherlands' most special Emergency Power Generator is in Veghel

Vanderlande is a global organisation in developing, building, implementing and maintaining logistics transport systems. Whether it's solutions for distribution centres or baggage handling systems and passenger solutions at airports, the chances are that your parcel or suitcase has come to you via a Vanderlande automated conveyor system. Vanderlande's head office is in Veghel. There, Senior ICT Specialist Hans Heijblom is in charge of two server rooms, one of which is a fully redundant 'mirror', including ELINEX UPS systems and a NSA (emergency power generator) supplied by Elinex. This generator carries the name 'Patrick Power', marked with a specially made sign. Hans Heijblom explains why.

An NSA had been on the wish list for years

An NSA had been on the wish list for years Hans Heijblom and his ICT department keep all systems healthy that Vanderlande's sites work with. "In total in 28 countries worldwide ", he explains. "About 95% of the branches work with local servers, but the most used -and critical- systems run at our headquarters in Veghel. All branches depend on them. Think, for an example, of the scheduling system. To guarantee availability, we have two server rooms in Veghel. One of these server rooms is a mirror of the other. In case of problems, this server room provides much-needed redundancy." Job Roeleveld, account manager at ELINEX  Power Solutions, added: "In 2019, ELINEX supplied UPS systems for this server room, a full 'no-break' system. However, this system can only supply power for a limited time." Heijblom continues: "Therefore, there was an urgent desire to install an NSA so that a longer autonomy time could be achieved. The NSA was finally commissioned this year, in 2023."

Hans Heijblom's colleague who has campaigned hard for the arrival of an NSA for years was Patrick. "He really fought for the arrival of this emergency power generator, but unfortunately, he did not get to see the installation himself," Heijblom says emotionally. "In 2021, we were startled by the sad news that Patrick had died suddenly. The day before, he was just working beside me. For his family, friends and for us as colleagues, it was a massive shock. He had just turned 50. As a tribute to him, we named the emergency power generator 'Patrick Power'. A specially made sign is displayed on the machine, so his name lives on within our company."

A safe idea

Obviously, Vanderlande hopes that the NSA will never be needed, but if there are power supply emergencies, the UPS systems can be used to bridge time to start up the generator. "A safe idea," thinks Job Roeleveld. "We know that all Vanderlande offices depend on the head office. Some offices provide service, other offices sit internally with Vanderlande customers and others develop software for the products. Everything is really done in Veghel."

In conclusion, Hans Heijblom says: "The cooperation with ELINEX was excellent, we had and have a good contact and their way of thinking along with us is really  pleasant. It's a nice thought that when the power unexpectedly goes out, thanks to 'Patrick Power' the light will shine again in Veghel."

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