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ELINEX Emergency Power Generators

ELINEX is a supplier of comprehensive emergency power solutions. An essential component of this is the emergency power generator (NSA), which is often delivered together with a UPS.

Emergency Power Generator

An emergency power generator can be provided in various configurations and capacities. Consider different fuel options including bio diesel, gas or hydrogen. ELINEX addresses the ongoing need for sustainability. We collaborate with various manufacturers of EPUs (Emergency Power Units), and we are also the right address for brand-independent maintenance. ELINEX is a contract partner for various networks within which both UPSs and EPUs need to be maintained. We can also provide the required KIWA inspections. Besides the EPU, the entire installation can be equipped with an external fuel tank, flue gas discharge channel, baffle silencers, fuel filtration systems, etc. We always provide a total solution!

ELINEX also delivers emergency power generators for home use (residential). The reason for the increasing use of EPUs in residential houses is the growing unreliability of the fixed, overloaded electricity grid. ELINEX assesses the situation in advance in all cases and then provides sound technical advice so that the best solution is implemented. The total installation is included in this.

The capacities of the EPUs are available between 5kVA and 4MVA! 

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