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DC Systems - Huawei

Huawei DC Systems

With its telecom expertise, Huawei has a very diverse portfolio of DC (Direct Current) solutions. The 48VDC systems from Huawei are characterized by flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Embedded Power & Module (30A – 400A)

Huawei's embedded DC power systems are at the core of all indoor and outdoor power systems. These systems are applicable within a very wide range of uses due to the DC output ranging from 30A to 400A. The benefits of this DC series include the standardized installation structure, the height which varies between 1U and 11U, the compact design, and the fact that they can always be placed within a 19’’ rack.

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Indoor Power System (60A-400A)

Huawei's fully developed indoor energy solutions can be deployed as integrated and standalone applications. The power range of these indoor solutions ranges from 100A to 600A. The series is characterized by highly efficient rectifier modules, excellent monitoring functions, and is flexibly applicable within various indoor scenarios.

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Outdoor Power Systems

Huawei has developed this series to meet various outdoor scenarios and delivers this series as an integrated and stackable model. The power range of this solution ranges from 60A to 400A and is available with various types of cooling such as heat exchange, direct ventilation, and TEC cooling. The benefits of this system are the 98% efficiency, the intelligent battery management system, and the possibility of remote management through remote monitoring.

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Central Office Power

This central DC solution from Huawei is the first series of fully digital large telecom energy solutions in the industry. The system consists for the first time of 1U/100A rectifiers with a high efficiency of 96%. The power range per rectifier is 3000A and can be expanded to 24000A. The system has a state-of-the-art design, excellent reliability, high efficiency, and is easy to maintain.

The above DC solutions can be provided with the following additional features:
  • Battery SOH Management System
  • Access Management System
  • Intelligent Image Capture System
  • Mobile APP Management System
  • IManager NetEco Management System

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