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Smart-Li Battery - Huawei

Smart-Li Battery Solutions by Huawei

Due to its high efficiency, small footprint, integrated fire detection and suppression, and 24/7 monitoring, the Huawei Smart-Li LPF4 battery is the best and safest battery solution in the emergency power market.

Huawei Smart-Li

Huawei Smart-Li is a battery energy storage system solution that provides backup power for medium to large data centers as well as critical power supply scenarios. The Smart-Li solution is a battery energy storage system for UPS's and offers a long lifespan in a compact, space-saving design, for a safe, reliable power supply that is easier to maintain.


  • Long lifespan, the cycle lifespan can amount to 5000 times
  • Less maintenance and significantly longer lifespan than Lead batteries
  • Highly stable LFP cell, no fire after thermal runaway
  • Three-level BMS system ensures reliability
  • No risk of self-ignition due to comprehensive detection
  • Fire extinguishing at battery module level, accurate and fast (preventive) fire extinguishing
  • High power density, saving 70% footprint
  • Smart GBS system, saving 80% of routine O&M costs

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