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The industrial UPS systems from TECNED are available with a 1-phase & 3-phase input and 1-phase output with a capacity up to 100kVA in a single enclosure. The series can be provided as standard or fault-tolerant systems within a single enclosure to meet specific customer requirements regarding safety and reliability. The strictly analog UPS systems are available with natural convection and forced air cooling depending on the power.

Techned GR (SF/D)

“The TECNED ONV(SF/D) UPS series is available with single-phase and three-phase input and single-phase output with nominal values up to 100 kVA in a single enclosure. The ONV (SF/D) series can be configured to charge common battery types from VRLA to NICAD.

The ONV-SF model (without software) is a strictly analog UPS available with natural convection and forced air cooling, depending on the power. Standard features include output V/A measurement, mains failure/DC high/low, and general alarm with potential-free contacts and input/output and battery fuse monitoring.

The ONV-D model contains an additional digital controller with an LCD screen displaying the current operating status and system values, enabling the setting of system parameters, and containing event and alarm logs.

Techned GR (SF/D)

The TECNED GR(HS) series is a module-based, naturally cooled rectifier/charger series providing an integrated system designed to meet modern requirements of utilities, data centers, infrastructure, and industry.

With natural cooling and hot-swap features, the GR(HS) is low maintenance, significantly reducing the need for maintenance resources for optimal performance.


  • Natural cooling
  • LCD display (system/settings & alarm log)
  • Modular design, N+1 architecture
  • Up to 6 hot-swappable modules
  • Load share, imbalance ≤3%
  • High efficiency, up to 95%
  • Power factor ≥ 0.93
  • Programmable alarms
  • Programmable settings
  • Automatic float/boost charging
  • Earth fault detection
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