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Plus Supermarkets

Plus supermarkets play it safe with ELINEX.

We all regularly stand in line at the checkout when we go grocery shopping. Imagine if there were problems with the power supply to the cashier systems at that moment.

PLUS has chosen to install special emergency power systems for the head office and the 260 PLUS supermarkets across the country.

Plus about ELINEX

We speak with Emile Post, project manager of store automation at PLUS, about the cooperation with ELINEX. He says: “We have been working together for a very long time, I have been with PLUS since 2006, and ELINEX was already in the picture at that time. The emergency power system has proven itself several times as well. For instance, in 2016 when fuses needed to be switched. The cash registers, the patch cabinet, and the IT systems kept running smoothly, thanks to the systems from Elinex. Apart from the ability to keep working and secure data thanks to the emergency power supply, the preservation of hardware is also important.

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Power outages or dips in the power grid can damage hardware. That problem is now prevented, thanks to ELINEX.” Post clearly sees the added value of ELINEX as a company: “It's simple. If we need help, ELINEX is there. We have a long-standing relationship with them, and they know our organization inside and out. The personal contact is very important in this. Mark Thies is our account manager and he is doing an excellent job, even though he is still relatively new to us as a contact person. Our technical service also has a great contact with the service technicians, often a half word is enough for both sides.”

About Plus

We all regularly stand in line at the checkout when doing our grocery shopping. Just imagine if there were problems with the power supply to the checkout systems at that moment. No scanning, no cash register operation, no data traffic... It would cause enormous chaos, because not being able to pay simply means leaving the cart and departing.

To prevent such scenes, PLUS has chosen to install special emergency power supplies for the head office and the 260 PLUS supermarkets across the country. Elinex, a long-time familiar face at PLUS, was once again honored to ensure business continuity.


“It all started with surveying the supermarkets to see what was needed,” Thies opens the conversation. “The goal was to provide each supermarket with a central UPS in the back office, which keeps all IT systems and cash registers free from power outages on the grid and provides emergency power in case of failure.” It is about the combination of an ELINEX Power Conditioner and UPS system. “This setup ensures that in the event of power failure or outage, the cash registers can still assist the queues of customers and the data that results from it can still be transferred to the central server. Thus, PLUS prevents chaos, angry customers, and loss of data.”

The Solution

ELINEX completely relieves PLUS in this matter. With the ELINEX Power Management System (EPMS), they monitor remotely on behalf of PLUS. Thies explains: “By monitoring for PLUS, we already know if there is an issue in a store before they are aware of it themselves. By that time, we have already addressed the problem and are working on it. We resolve the issue within four hours.”

PLUS has been working with ELINEX for about 15 years. With pride, Thies shares that this collaboration has recently been extended for another 5 years. “By deploying the emergency power supply in 260 stores and the head office, PLUS plays it safe. Not just to their own advantage, but especially to the benefit of the customer. Of course, the customer notices nothing of this and that’s how it should be. PLUS is concerned with operational reliability and continuity. The beauty is that the entire PLUS organization is included in this plan, from the smallest neighborhood PLUS to the largest branches. Elinex is the ideal party for retailers and retail chains that want to guarantee continuity and secure data.”

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