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Cancer research should always be able to continue

Cancer research should always be able to continue

  • December 18, 2023
  • Ridderkerk

ELINEX maintains and supplied emergency power systems Netherlands Cancer Institute

It needs little explanation how important the work done by the Dutch Cancer Institute in Amsterdam is. This institute was founded in 1913 by surgeon Jacob Rotgans, among others. The NKI is the research institute of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the hospital specialising in cancer. Worldwide, the work of the NKI and the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek is highly regarded. Behind the scenes, every effort is made to keep all processes and equipment running. Senior Management Engineer Jeroen van der Burg and Engineer & Installation Manager Stefan Kamps talk about the importance of a good emergency power supply.

A real 'power team

That term may be taken literally and figuratively. To ensure that there is always power for all equipment in the laboratories and in the most critical treatment rooms, Jeroen and Stefan work together. Stefan has been involved in the construction of the new part and the renovation of the existing part. Managing contracts with parties such as ELINEX falls under his competence. Jeroen manages a team of ten technicians and takes care of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Maintenance contracts with ELINEX renewed again

"We recently extended the maintenance contracts with ELINEX for our UPS systems for another three years," Stefan says. "Also, a new UPS system was delivered by ELINEX, of the Centiel brand. That was a nice feat. In order to continue treating our patients safely, we closed these rooms for a two-week period to get electrical compliance with the new standards. ELINEX managed to quote, install and commission the new UPS within a week."

Outlining the situation when it comes to emergency power, Jeroen says: "Over the years, UPS systems have come from various brands, including Huawei, Eaton and Centiel. The big advantage of working with ELINEX is that they are not dependent on one brand. They provide service on all brands, entirely from their expertise. In consultation with Tom Faber, our account manager at ELINEX, we chose Centiel for the last rush delivery." The fact that the maintenance contract has been extended for another three years is not only due to ELINEX's brand independence. Stefan explains: "When I started here 8.5 years ago, we had been working with ELINEX for quite some time. In times of need, one gets to know one's friends, the saying goes. We can always rely on ELINEX, which is worth a lot considering the sensitivity of the work done at our place."

 Pleasant cooperation and being able to rely on each other

For Stefan and Jeroen, working with ELINEX feels like working in good partnership. "We each have our moments of contact with the people at ELINEX," Stefan outlines. "I myself was in the picture a lot during the contract phase and Jeroen has a lot of contact with the people from ELINEX's field service. So more practically oriented, in addition Jeroen also reviews maintenance quotations submitted as a result of periodic inspections."

In conclusion, both say: "We are comfortable with ELINEX, for us they are a proven party. They know us, there is a lot of expertise and ELINEX needs only half a word to take action. Fast help, quick deliveries and a high level of thinking along. What more could you want?"

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