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People to the top and power bill to the bottom

People to the top and power bill to the bottom

  • July 02, 2024
  • Ridderkerk

We Enable Climbers is 100% self-sufficient in power with a BESS from ELINEX Power Solutions

'What expertise ELINEX has in house, they really pulled out all the stops during this project' says Ward Luitjes of Breda-based company We Enable Climbers BV. The company has been helping people reach the top for years. In the literal sense, becausethe company founded by Ward Luitjes provides industrial climbers, sports climbers and mountaineers with high-quality

climbing equipment. The company also inspects climbing equipment and offers climbers all kinds of training courses. The company We Enable Climbers BV is umbrella to 'SafetyPro', 'OutdoorPro', 'Klimwinkel' and 'Elevate Europe'. To initiate the company's growth, a new property was built, which was completed in December 2023. In January 2024, We Enable Climbers BVmoved into the new building. A special accommodation that fits completely with the company's sustainability principles. Ward Luitjes: "We are a 'zero on the meter' company and run 100% on our own generated electricity. This is possible thanks to the BESS system from ELINEX Power Solutions."

Zero on the meter

The new building, which is five times larger than the old one, houses offices, a workshop (for inspections), a warehouse, a training room and a showroom. "Construction company Hercuton did a calculation for us on how we could provide our own power. Moreover, we wanted a peakshaving solution, so that we would never run into problems if we needed more power than our energy contract offers us, which is capped at 3 x 80A. To achieve zero on the meter, we knew we had to store the energy from our 120 solar panels, rather than supply it back. Together with construction supervision agency Q4U, we searched for a battery system supplier. In the pitch, the choice fell on ELINEX Power Solutions."

Fully equipped for the future

We Enable Climbers and Q4U came well prepared. In the application, they had already expressed interest in a SUNWODA C&I 5060 solution. "That ended up being a SUNWODA C&I 50120 version, which satisfies perfectly and allows us to still achieve zero on

the meter when growing," Ward explains. ELINEX and Installation Company Hoppenbrouwers installed the BESS battery. Linked to it is ELINEX & Envitron's EMS system, which controls and monitors everything. "That even works a bit addictively for me," says Ward, laughing. "You get insights you didn't have before and it's just really nice to see that you're only using your own generated power. "The entire output of the 120 solar panels is stored and used for its own purposes. "It is now a 'zero on meter' property and even if we expand, it will remain so," Ward explains. "When we expand our electric vehicle fleet, we won't feel it in our pockets. Then we have the assurance that we are driving on 100% clean energy. I think that's important." The BESS system has a capacity of 120 kWh and has a peak power of 50 kW. "'Since we are no longer dependent on the fixed grid at all, we are therefore not affected by peaks, dips or outages. In that respect, BESS is also the ideal emergency power supply for us."

             Energie Management System dashboard

Worked in good partnership

Ward Luitjes lauds the collaboration between We Enable Climbers, Q4U, Hoppenbrouwers and ELINEX. "It all went smoothly. Of course with this kind of cutting-edge technology, there are thresholds to overcome, it's all brand new. Together we crossed the finish line and everything is running to our complete satisfaction. A special thanks goes to ELINEX

employees Frank and Willard, who really pulled out all the stops in this project. What a knowledge is there at ELINEX." When asked how Ward sees the future of power supply, he replied, "Then I'm looking purely at ourselves for a moment. I think it would be powerful to have windmills in addition to solar panels, so that we can also tap into that free energy source. BESS offers companies the opportunity to really do something with their own generated energy. There is definitely a future in that."

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