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The police also need to be able to communicate 24/7.

They are a 24-hour business, and therefore, a continuous power supply is vital.

Emergency Power Supply from Elinex for 'The Long Arm of the Law'

The Police on ELINEX

Kropman has a contract with the regional police since 2019. Poulina: "We take care of all maintenance and resolve malfunctions, we do that for the entire electrical installation. Even for the oil for the emergency power generator, we have a contract with a supplier. This way, we can ensure that the fuel tank of the NSA remains filled."

Start a Project?

Through years of experience, Kropman is well-prepared. "When you start a contract with a new client, you see that after a few months a top-notch relationship develops. We then know our way around the client's premises flawlessly and in communication, we understand each other with just half a word. That of course also applies to the cooperation that we have with Elinex. The success is determined by everything in the chain being in good order."

About the Police

"We are a 24-hour operation, and therefore a continuous power supply is vital," says Hans Brinker, Technical Housing Manager at the police in Almelo. Brinker is, among other things, responsible for the (emergency) power supply of the main bureau in Almelo. In August, there was a malfunction in an old 30 kV UPS.

Kropman Installatietechniek BV was on site quickly, as they handle the installations for the police in the region on a contract basis. Jimmy Poulina, Technical Manager at Kropman: "We work with Elinex Power Solutions to help our customers quickly and efficiently. Within a week, a brand new UPS was operational on site."

The Challenge

At the site in Almelo, the police have an Emergency Power Generator (NSA). "To prevent system crashes when switching from the grid to the NSA, the UPS catches the power dip," explains Brinker. "The UPS in question was not to blame, it was already more than 11 years old." Further inspection of the malfunction revealed a defective IO-board. Poulina: "First, we examined it ourselves to determine what was defective. It turned out to be the IO-board. After a telephone consultation with the Elinex helpdesk, we concluded that replacement was the best option. That was also arranged rapidly by Elinex."

Thanks to the combination of the NSA and the UPS, the police enjoy full 'no break' assurance. This is crucial, observes Brinker. "Everything depends on power. Our access control systems, the fire alarm installation, our burglary protection, the transmitters we use, our computers, etc. With the work we do, you can imagine that the availability of these systems is literally a matter of life and death. That's why we are glad to have Kropman and Elinex; together they ensure that we can prevent problems."

The Solution

Job Roeleveld, Account Manager at Elinex, outlines the delivery in Almelo: "We opted for a one-to-one replacement of the old system, this time implemented with a UPS from Centiel. The advantage is that it could be delivered from stock. A 30 kVA setup was supplied in the form of a UPS and a corresponding battery rack in the patch room. A chain of 40 batteries, good for 5 minutes of autonomous time. In the e-tower, 80 batteries can be accommodated. However, the current setup is more than sufficient to give the generator time to start up."

Elinex has made good agreements with Kropman: in the event of emergencies, Elinex can be on site within 4 hours and can deliver quickly. "That's possible because we work brand-independently," says Roeleveld. Both Brinker and Poulina speak very highly of the speed and quality of Elinex's work. In conclusion, Poulina says: "Keep in mind that the fault in the UPS came to light due to a fire detector going off. When we discovered that, we immediately put the UPS on bypass, safety first. The fact that the new Centiel could be installed so soon afterwards is extremely valuable."

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