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Because power supply is vital.

In the medical sector, everything revolves around the well-being of the patient. As a reliable partner, ELINEX ensures that you never experience a moment without power.

Solutions for the Medical Field

ELINEX provides the majority of Dutch hospitals with comprehensive emergency power solutions and maintains these at least once a year on a contract basis. Many of these clients also use the EPMS platform, which monitors the entire emergency power park within the hospital 24/7. This is essential since a power outage can lead to serious consequences if there isn't a reliable emergency power installation! In addition to hospitals, nursing homes, disability care, dental practices, laboratories, and manufacturers of medical equipment are also customers of Elinex. Specifically for this sector, various types of UPS systems have been developed that meet the latest requirements. This sector also demands specific solutions, and with years of knowledge and experience, ELINEX has the appropriate products and services to offer.

Our Client References

Ipse de Bruggen
UMC Utrecht
Deventer Ziekenhuis
St Jansdal
Albert Schweitzer
Applied Medical Europe

Applied Medical Europe

Applied Medical Europe is a subsidiary of an American parent company and is a manufacturer of instruments for the medical industry, which are used within operating rooms in hospitals.

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Oldelft Benelux

Oldelft Benelux

In collaboration with Oldelft Benelux BV, Elinex has provided an emergency power solution to the Solutions Diagnostic Center of Jahmale Med in Liberia, Africa.

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